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Dorking School of Ballet and Dance is a dancing school in Dorking run by an award winning team of teachers, providing top quality tuition in Ballet, Tap and Street dance. Run by experienced teachers and performers from one of the largest dancing school in Surrey, we give tuition in the core principals of dance so that children have the necessary future skills to develop further dance disciplines.

We believe in offering an environment for children from as young as 18 months old, to achieve and develop through the core fundamentals of ballet alongside more contemporary styles. The principal is an ex-Royal Ballet trained Ballerina and West-End performer. Our hand-picked teachers are:


  1. fully DBS checked

  2. fully qualified with the I.S.T.D.

  3. teachers trained at the Royal Ballet School and other renowned dance colleges

  4. proven track record in Reigate


We believe in teaching the basics in a friendly and fun atmosphere and our teachers

would like to pass on their skills, energy and professional experience to our pupils. 


Dorking School of Dance is part of a larger family of dance teachers, and being a part of Dorking enables children to have access to a wide variety of external activities and events, forming a close family within. The benefits include:

  • Workshops by West End and other leading teachers

  • I.S.T.D. examinations

  • Full-scale musical theatre productions

  • West End and London theatre trips

  • Onesie Movie Nights

  • Dance Parties

  • Taking Part in the area's largest Dance Shows

  • ....and many more....

With 3 Free Trials as standard for all new pupils throughout the year (and current pupils wanting to try new dance disciplines), our award winning team are looking forward to welcoming you.

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If you prefer to contact us by phone, please telephone us on 01737 247795. Many thanks for your enquiry.



What benefits can a new school give my son / daughter if they want to learn to dance?

Dorking School of Dance, although a new school in Dorking, have the staff and management from the renwoned Reigate School of Ballet, which has been established for over 50 years. All our teachers are not only fully qualified with the I.S.T.D. but also have years of dance teaching experience, and our speciality is ballet. Joanne Evans (Principal), was trained at the prestigious Royal Ballet School in Richmond, and has numerous West End professional experience, performing in musicals. Miss Benjamin has also taught for over 10 years, and is one of the main teaching staff at Reigate. With both teachers being extremely qualified and experienced, your child will receive first class training in an extremely fun and inspiring environment. The Dorking School is NOT a franchise - it merely uses experienced staff from our Reigate School.


New School. Established teachers. 

Will there be opportunities to perform?

We will have watching weeks, where parents and relatives can watch a class and get an opportunity to meet the teacher. Also, as the teachers teach at the Reigate School of Ballet, all Dorking and North Holmwood pupils will be given the opportunity to perform in the largest children's dance show of it's kind every 2 years. 

Do pupils take dance exams?

All pupils will have the opportunity to take I.S.T.D. examinations - one of the teachers is an official I.S.T.D. examiner. However, examinations are optional.

Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes. In fact we offer 3 free trial classes, so that both parents and children have the time to decide - sometimes, young children need more than one trial class to decide, as they enter a new environment, meet new chidlren and teachers. SO we take the financial burden out by offering THREE free classes.

Dorking School of Ballet and Dance


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